These exams are a trial run of the actual GCSE examinations in Maths and English and form an important part of the students’ preparation for the final examinations in Summer 2020. The timetable for mock examinations is below.

Monday 27th January 9.15am Maths Paper 1 (1hr 30m)


Monday 27th January 1.10pm Maths Paper 2 (1hr 30m)


Wednesday 29th January 9.15am Maths Paper 3 (1hr 30m) 11
Monday 3rd February  9.15am


English Language P1 (1hr 45m) 11
Wednesday 5th February 9.15am English Language P2 (1hr 45m) 11
Thursday 6 February  9.15am English Literature (1hr 45mins) 10

Students will be able to go home after morning examinations. Students will be given revision homework prior to the examinations and they should be encouraged to complete this in order to be fully prepared.

Please note, Year 10 students are only sitting the English Literature examination on Thursday 6 February and Year 11 are not involved in this examination.

If you have any questions regarding the mock examinations, please do not hesitate to contact the school.