Noreen Fraser

Chair of Governors

I am Noreen Fraser I have been a school governor for nearly 25 years. I am committed to giving the children the very best education possible in the best possible surroundings. I am very proud of how Park View has evolved and the pleasure it gives me to know that the pupils’ in the school have the opportunity to reach their full potential. All of the staff play their part, the pupils education and welfare is of paramount importance and the main focus. The governors are dedicated and are fully behind and support the school in the direction in which we are going. They are very proactive and involved. It really is the case and very apt that the vision and ethos both the staff and governors all share is “Together We Grow Stronger”.

Alison Parker

Vice Chair of Governors

I am now part of a hard working governing body that I believe is really helping support the school, we are regularly invited in to school for special events, we are also linked up to SLT staff and report termly on the areas we are supporting. The school has never been such a busy educational and positive place to be part of, I am really looking forward to see what the new year brings.


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