Our aim is to provide our students with the confidence, skills, knowledge and ability to make informed decisions and take actions for their future.

Here at Park View School we want all our young people to understand the full range of opportunities available to them in today’s world and help them to acquire the skills and qualifications they will need to succeed in the workplace today and in the future. We believe that every student should have many opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace.  We also aim to prepare our pupils for the opportunities in the next stage of their education; during times when they will make choices about their future study within Park View School.

All of our pupils from Year 7 to Year 11 will have access to a planned careers education information and guidance (CEIAG) program which supports us in achieving our aims.

At Park View School all teachers will support our whole-school approach to careers education information and guidance by making explicit links within their own subject areas/specialisms and sharing this with the children they teach.

Throughout Years 7-11 we are committed to providing opportunities that link to the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks and help guide students to the further education future or career of their choice. Students will have the opportunity to study a range of courses at our Vocational Centre where in multiple areas are available including Welding and Engineering. There are also opportunities for students to attend work experience placements linked to the career of their choice.

Our school website will provide Parents and Students information from employers, training providers, educational settings and student services, with links to their websites. Our Career and Transition Lead will meet regularly with students from, years 7-11, and parents/carers to provide support and assistance throughout their time and Park View School and in the years that follow during their transition into further education, training and employment.

Park View School will measure and assess the impact the careers programme in a range of ways

  • Student engagement
  • Student attainment
  • Feedback from student/parents

NEET figures

Careers programme will be published at the start of each academic year and will be devised to best fit the school’s current cohort of students. Ongoing review on published information throughout the academic year.

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