Park View School Vision

To provide our students with the confidence, skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about their future

Curriculum Intent
Our curriculum is designed to give our pupils a broad range of learning opportunities that gives them access to academic, vocational, cultural and experiential learning opportunities. Subject matter is presented to all pupils at a level appropriate to their own ability and is aimed to further develop their understanding and allow them to progress further.
All learners will have access to a range of nationally recognised qualifications that they can access at various stages of their secondary education and matches their level of academic ability and prepares learners for future success in the next stages of education.
The curriculum is not only designed to ensure learners are academically prepared for the next stage of their lives but to instill within them morals, values and a broader understanding of their cultural environment and their place within it.
The curriculum is designed to ensure pupils are prepared for adulthood, with this in mind all pupils in key stage 3 engage in personal development activities each week and Key stage 4 pupils can access work placements with local employers. To support preparation for the work place pupils can access our vocational training centre where they can study welding and engineering, motor vehicle maintenance and construction skills.



Curriculum Map 2018-19

Curriculum Model 2020-21